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Nov. 20th, 2004 @ 05:13 pm


The community is DEAD, nobody participates in any themes, nobody writes, nobody comments, so we might as well close it down.  Sorry Kalli, but it's just gonna have to be over.  If people start applying again or start to show interest we'll open it back up, but you just have to have a lot of people that want to join your community for you to have a good community.  We didn't know enough people for our community to grow large enough to stay open.  Sorry girls, it was fun while it lasted. 



MOD leaving Nov. 20th, 2004 @ 05:11 pm
yeah...it's dead. Sorry Kalli, but there's no point in having a community that nobody is a part of or participating in.

Stamped//Leaving Oct. 25th, 2004 @ 11:58 pm
Sorry guys. Its not real active here, and i dont hav time to be active! Sorry

Oct. 18th, 2004 @ 02:56 pm
ok well this weekend was my homecoming....and it was fun kinda..i actually had a date this year which was kewl....but i had a lot of drama

One of my best friends, lauren, decided that my other best friend lindsey and i ditched her for homecoming...and we had never had plans to go with her cus evertime we asked her what she was doing she always said o ali is gonna get me a date..so monday when matt asked me, i told her..and she didnt have a problem with it at all...and thursday on my b-day she came over to my house and still was fine...but then friday she finally decided that lindsey and i ditched her for homecoming...i dont know how we did, but according to her we did...so lindsey and i fought with her, then saturday she called me and told me i was a worthless friend and that she regrets ever being friends with me nad lindsey, then hung up...so i havent talked to her since...my parents think that she is jelous of me...cus i made varsity vball this yr and she got cut...i got into national honor society( this thing where u have to keep a 3.5 gpa) and she didnt even get a paper to even be able to try to get into it..and when i got one and she didnt..she went to the guidance office to find out why she didnt get one...and lindsey and i are doing student government together..and she doenst...and the fact that i acutally got asked for homecoming and she didnt...i mena i kno thats bad to say thats she jelous...but that is the only reason i can come up with as to wy she would be pissed at me...but i dunno its just messed up...but yea...and then on homecoming nite she was all over my date, after she had given me a lecture on monday about how i shouldnt go with him...but yet then she was all over him...yea that maes sense rite o well..so my homecoming kinda sucked cus of her..but its kewl..i dont need friends like that..but o well...ill tt ya guys lata..kim
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MOD//update Oct. 9th, 2004 @ 03:52 pm
Long time no talk :( Well, I changed the info page around a little bit today (I finally had some time on my hands to try to do something for this place) bc Ive been so busy with work :/ anyways...sing_out_loud I know I didnt talk to you before I did it, so I hope its okay, if its not just let me know, or change it...whatever.lol

Anyway, I was looking at our accepted members list, and I think that we have everyone listed there, if not comment here, and let us know..also uptown_tramp have you dont an app? who are you?lol.. I could have missed it, but I looked and couldnt find anything~ I dont know when you joined, ect, but ill give you another day to post your app before we have to remove you for not applying.

Also I want some feedback... what can we do to get this place going? Do you like the app that we have? is it too long? too short? do you like the questions? what would you add/change? Do you like the stamps? would you change them? do you like the layout?

Let us know what you think, its OUR community, so lets make it something TOGETHER!!

:) :) :)
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» hey!!!!
Ok well i know its been a long time since anybody has posted...and since i have...but i rly havent got on the comp. much cus ive been so busy.

Yea ok so im gonna bitch now...ok so last nite my friend lauren and i went to a party...and i wanted to spend the nite there...and she was pissed cus i did so when i talked to her 2day she wouldnt talk to me all cus i spent the nite at my friend butters house...i think that is messed up...but yea im ok..lol...shell get over it.

Volleyball is good i actually get to start cus we had 2 ppl kicked off cus they were doin drugs...so i mean its kewl i play now...but thats not how i wanted to get my startin spot ya know.

The love life sux...o wait there is none...except for those random guys..ya know what i mean.

My homecoming is on saturday and i cant wait...its gonna be so much fun and i seriously love my dress.

but yea im gonna let yall go cus im off to bed..i didnt get any sleep last nite..cus i woke up to my friend butters yellin and screamin and playin a guitar to wake me up so yea...but ill ttyl

luv ya guys,
hey friends. just thought that I would say hey...havent seen any posts on here in awhile..well maybe just a week,lol...seems like awhile..I miss you guys.hahaha any ideas on how to get some more people in here? duh besides promote promote promote!ha!

Nothing too exciting going on here, just the same old same old...work!

And I know that we have all had this conversation before but is it not sooooo annoying when you talk to a guy for a couple of weeks..and then he falls of the face of the earth, and then like a month later, he decides to return? Well, F that! ahhahah, my "rule" is 3 strikes and your OUT! so bye bye anthony!

Sorry about the rage it just really pisses me off!!!
» (No Subject)

» MOD//stamped
My new hair...pics are kinda blurry :/

hairCollapse )
» I didn't go to school today!
and this is what I did....

Wow, I'm a loser. Tell me if I should lj-cut.

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