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Previous Entry MOD Sep. 24th, 2004 @ 01:15 pm Next Entry
hey friends. just thought that I would say hey...havent seen any posts on here in awhile..well maybe just a week,lol...seems like awhile..I miss you guys.hahaha any ideas on how to get some more people in here? duh besides promote promote promote!ha!

Nothing too exciting going on here, just the same old same old...work!

And I know that we have all had this conversation before but is it not sooooo annoying when you talk to a guy for a couple of weeks..and then he falls of the face of the earth, and then like a month later, he decides to return? Well, F that! ahhahah, my "rule" is 3 strikes and your OUT! so bye bye anthony!

Sorry about the rage it just really pisses me off!!!
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