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Stamped*- Theme! Sep. 14th, 2004 @ 09:26 pm

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Aug. 13th, 2004 @ 10:17 pm




RoxyLuvinBabe: i hate the little abercrombie girls
RoxyLuvinBabe: ugh
KaLLiF0rnia: me toooooo UGH 
KaLLiF0rnia: lol 
RoxyLuvinBabe: lol
RoxyLuvinBabe: =D
KaLLiF0rnia: it makes me want to shove a cheeseburger down their face 
KaLLiF0rnia: lol 
RoxyLuvinBabe: lmfao
KaLLiF0rnia: =) 
RoxyLuvinBabe: that was great
KaLLiF0rnia: and then where i hear them say "im fat" just punch them so they cant fucking talk 
RoxyLuvinBabe: ur great


gotta love kallifornia

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MOD theme Aug. 13th, 2004 @ 09:17 pm

Theme time Ladies!  hmm, I'm trying to choose something fun and I can't think of anything off of the top of my head.  How about this...who is your celebrity lover? lol.  Who is that one celeb you would wait 6 hours in the rain just to meet?  It can be a singer, movie star, talk show host, etc.  Post a picture of them and tell us what movie you like him/her in, what's so hot about him/her etc.  I hope this is a good thing, it's the first thing that came to my head. 


HAVE FUN!  Kalli and I are also going to choose a theme week winner.  If we feel that you did the theme the best and most creative, you will choose the next weeks theme.  This theme will end approximately one week from tdoay.  Good luck ladies, but most of all have fun!

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Aug. 12th, 2004 @ 07:54 pm



I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!




You know what I'm talking about and you have to believe me.  I could never ever ever do such a thing to my best friend in the entire world.  I'll look everywhere but I know that I don't have it on me and in my purse.  You can check or confirm with my parents...but I DIDN'T DO IT!   I'm really sorry for the loss, but I swear on my life, my tumor, and everything important to me that I didn't do it.  I mean, the magnent store is different...but you're my best friend and I would NEVER ever ever ever ever ever ever think of doing that.   I'll tear my room upside down trying to find it, but I didn't do it.



I really hope you trust and believe me cause I'm in tears now cause I think that you think I did it...when I didn't do anything.  I mean you said you trust me more than anyone and I hope it stays that way because I would never do it.  It makes me upset that you would think I did it, cause I would never do anything to hurt you.  I care about you too much.  I will search and search and search and I hope to God I find it.  Please...believe me, I don't want you to be mad at me for something I would never do.  When I say never I mean it's crazy that you could even think that I did it.  I mean, you've known me FOREVER and I hope you know that I'm a better person than that.  I <333333 you sooo much.  Please don't be upset with me.


I love you!


Aug. 12th, 2004 @ 07:41 pm

go join sexc_biotch.




if you want to, lol. but promote our community too!

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» (No Subject)
Ok so i've actually been really good at updating in here..most of the time I bitch, which i'm sry about, but i guess thats cus i know u guys will listen to me..ans actually give me advice which i love...but anywayz thats beside the pointe....i think we should likea question everyone has to answer every week..like i dunno dumb things or indept things...or like see who can find like the best quotes..ok thats dumb...but i dunno dumb stuff...cus i mean everyone updates and stuff but it was fun when we had the one question and i think we should do that agian..and like make it a weekly thing...cus i like reading everyones repsponses to everything...ya know what im sayin...but yea...well just think about that..cus i think we shoul!!!
» (No Subject)
hey guys!!
man o man!! my feet hurt like crazy!! I went to pointe yesterday and oooooo myyyyyyyyy goooooooodness!! my toes were bleading like crazy! yes I know its gross! but hey I gotta be honest!!
and well besides that dance was a lot of fun!!


Well yea remember carlos?? AFter a whole freaking month!! he texted message me last night saying that oo yea "I havent talked to you in a bit, but I was wondering if you dont have school friday you can come to Pleasure Island with us"

c'mon now!! after a whole month!! "I havent talked to you in a bit" more like forever!!!! I dont understand guys! and I dont think I am gonna try!! they are just as complicated as girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooooooooo geez louise!! I will never get them!!

Everyone is freaking out about this hurricane and its gonna hit us, and this and that.. but I dont know.. I dont think it will, its heading up to the Golf of Mexico so we are good to go.. so yea

that's all for now
peace out ladies!!
stay safe.. healthy and happy! and stay away from all drama **cough** **cough** guys!!!!

ill update later.lol
» (No Subject)
Ok well i think i've offically had the worst or closet to worst weekend in my enitre life.
Ok im gettin ready to bitch so beware:
ok well this guy nick that i've liked forevr hung out over the summer...adn we stoped talkin but then friday he called me after like 2 months...i mean we dont even talk at school...so i dont freakin understand what the hell thats all about....so like he said he wanted to hang out..but yet lata that nite he was like call me so i did and his phone was off...so i didnt call him all weekend...and then yesterday in class i find out that he told some kid that we had hung out...and the kid he told matt...is like freakin obsessed with me...im not tryin to be concided, but trust me this is not the kinda guy u wanna date...but yea so now matt keeps sayint hat nick and i had sex which we didnt...so its pissin me off...adn liek we dont even talk at school so thats messed up

Then my friend lauren met this guy and i guess i should be happy for her but im not...cus i hate the fact that now she cant talk about this guy and all i cna say is that the guy i like is a jerk...i hate my life. she even blew me and her other best friends off this weeekned for this gy now that is messed up

This whole weekend sucked ass so much..i was so freakin negatvie and i wished for somthin bad thwe whole weekend i mean i know thats horrible..but this had to be the worst weekend ever...

thanx 2 listenin to my bitchin im glad i could express my feelings somewhere...luv ya guys kim
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