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Aren't we so Luscious

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Luscious_Ladies Community

*Luscious_Ladies rules*

1. Have fun in this community! But PLEASE do not cause drama//fighting
2. Once you join you have 24 hours to post your application.
3. You must be at least 14 and a high school freshman to join.
4. Try to use proper spelling, and type normal~ (no is not noe and nice is not noice, and dont TyPe LiKe ThIs...ItS aNnOyInG)
5. Only accepted members can vote
6. Use a LJ cut when applying
7. Don’t delete your application or posts (if we feel it’s necessary to delete either of them the MODs will take care of it)
8. If you are rejected you may re-apply in 5 days, with new pictures.
9. Be active! Vote, participate in themes, and PROMOTE! I can’t stress that enough. If we want to have an active community we need to promote it so we get new members.
10. In the application when asked "Who is Luscious?" answer "The MODs" so we know you read the rules...haha (you know thats funny!)

*Stamped Memeber Rules*

1. Don’t promote unless approved by the mods sing_out_loud or kallifornia
2. When posting/voting please put "stamped" and "yes or no" in the subject line, so we dont have to guess if you are a memeber, and what your vote is
3. When voting give reasons why you voted the way you did
4. When voting constructive criticism is okay…but don’t be mean about it, everyone is entitled to be themselves
5. Once a member feel free to write anything you want in here. (quotes, advice, questions, stories, etc.) Try to keep it PG-13.

* Luscious_Ladies application *

Let’s get to know you…

§ Name:
§ Age:
§ Gender:
§ Single/Taken:
§ Current Residence:
§ Hair color:
§ Height:
§ Hobbies:
§ School (grade and school name)
§ Job:
§ Eye color:

What is your favorite…

§ Song:
§ Band:
§ T.V. show:
§ Movie
§ Food:
§ Color:
§ Place to eat:
§ Store:
§ Animal:
§ Drink:

What do you think about…

§ George Bush:
§ John Kerry:
§ Abortion:
§ Pre-marital sex:
§ Smoking:
§ Tattoos:
§ Piercings:
§ The Death Penalty:
§ War:
§ True Love:
§ Love at First Sight:
§ Marriage:

Tell us more about Y-O-U…

§ Have you ever had any major illnesses or operations:
§ What magazines do you subscribe to:
§ What do you want to do when you “grow up”:
§ Who is your favorite celebrity:
§ Biggest Pet Peeve:
§ What do you like most about yourself:
§ What do you like least about yourself:
§ Do you plan to get married:
§ Have you ever been in love:

So do you like us…

§ Do you like our set up and stamps:
§ Why do you want to be in our community:
§ What is one suggestion you could give us on how to make our community better:
§ How are the MODs in here:
§ How did you find this community:
§ Who is Luscious?:

Show us your pretty face…

§Post at least 2 clear pictures of yourself

*Your beautiful Lucsious_Ladies MODs*

*Kalli* kallifornia

*Jessica* sing_out_loud

*Accepted Members*

Kalli kallifornia

Jessica sing_out_loud

Kimmy burgbaby2406

Christi _issa

Chelsea mixed_wun

Ashley bleeding4love

Maryann broadwayst

Heather marineswifey

*Stamps, Invites, Ect...*>